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about sprezzatech

history and mission

December 2011 saw Sprezzatech (the Sprezzatura Computing Corporation) founded in Atlanta, Georgia with one goal: to make available to all people and organizations the techniques and fruits of high-performance computing—once the domain of national laboratories, universities, and the largest corporations—and to thus more fully employ the magnificent power of modern technology. Over the past fifty years, the human mind has driven computer architecture to tremendous new heights. We hope to harness the microprocessor to likewise drive improvement of the human condition, to transform lives otherwise “nasty, brutish and short”, to eliminate all drudgery, all that is menial, and all that which is unworthy of human contemplation.

Our success or failure will be measured in units of civilization's progress per watt.

our beliefs

WE BELIEVE…That change is superior to stasis. That human life is the source of the most unpredictable change known. That the human species has barely begun to realize its potential. That accelerating humanity's development is thus a desirable thing. That the scientific method is the most efficient means known to predict effects. That politics and economics are highly susceptible to scientific disruption. That human history since the Enlightenment bears clear evidence to these beliefs, and that computers comprise the most powerful aid to the scientific method since math itself.

We assert that our mission can be clearly derived from these axioms.

our name

Sprezzatech refers to sprezzatura (“the art of effortless mastery”), coined by Italian Renaissance author Baldassare Castiglione (1478–1529) in his Book of the Courtier (Il Libro del Cortegiano) (1528):
“…avoid affectation in every way possible, as though it were some rough and dangerous reef; and (to pronounce a new word perhaps) practice in all things a certain sprezzatura, so as to conceal all art and make whatever is done or said appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it.”
Making full use of modern computer architectures requires a deep theoretical understanding of memory hierarchies, parallel algorithms, programming models, and interconnects, and furthermore practical intimacy with an always-changing body of available hardware. Sprezzatech binds this divergent complexity, imbuing your applications and networks with high performance and leaving you free to focus on your task at hand.


Nick Black Nick Black
Founder, Principal Scientist
(404) 939-3265

partnerships / affiliations

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