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contacting sprezzatech

Sprezzatech is interested in hearing from you, and helping your dreams become reality. We're open to investment, and always looking to bring aboard brilliant new talent.


Skype: Sprezzatech
PSTN: (011 + 1 + ) 404-939-3265

postal mail

855 Peachtree St. NE
Suite 3204
Atlanta, GA 30308

secure email

Please do not send confidential information via unsecured email! Sprezzatech supports encrypted email using the OpenPGP (RFC 4880) standard. Use a tool such as GnuPG, GPGTools, or Gpg4win to encrypt for the 4096-bit RSA public key AAE15FF2:
pub   4096R/AAE15FF2 2012-03-05
      Key fingerprint = D060 0353 BCAE 19ED 52E5  DDC4 7078 2407 AAE1 5FF2
uid   Sprezzatech customer service <>
All mail from Sprezzatech is digitally signed with this key, which can be retrieved from public keyservers at MIT or, among others. Do not trust mail to be from Sprezzatech unless it is signed with this key!

Sprezzatech can be reached at


Sprezzatech's bugtracker is publicly available.