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sprezzatech hardware

No one delivers raw computing horsepower like Sprezzatech. Drive your project with our line of premium workstations and SO/HO servers—the same machines used here in the Sprezzatech labs. We use all-aluminum cases from Caselabs and steel cases from Cooler Master, powerful Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge Intel processors, top-of-the-line NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, Crucial and Mushkin DIMMs, Noctua and Cooler Master fans, and Seagate hard drives to deliver utter dominance despite the lowest acoustic and thermal signatures available. Redundant storage can be implemented via hardware RAID, Linux software RAID, or ZFS. Preinstalled with our powerful Linux distribution, SprezzOS, all machines further undergo two days' burn-in with the Sprezzamark Benchmark Suite, and enjoy two years' unlimited warranty. Every order is hand-assembled here in Atlanta, Georgia.

Your Sprezzatech products will be tailored to your individual compute needs. Our engineers have worked on the vanguard of high-performance computing, and are available to assess the demands of your projects. We can optimize for integer performance, 32- or 64-bit floating point performance, low network latency, transaction throughput, or whatever other task towards which you intend to apply our computers. Or sleep easy outsourcing both your development and hardware to Sprezzatech—we'll deliver a cluster designed to optimally run the software we've built for you.

These machines are designed to be easily expanded, taken apart, serviced, and maintained. All feature a full-color 5.25" LCD front panel with up-to-the-second health and load information. Inquire about our custom watercooling solutions, paint jobs, expanded storage/compute/cooling upgrades, and other modifications.

Go hard, or go home.

Professional workstations ideal for content creation, CAD, programming, audio/video editing and engineering. These machines are highly customizable; what follows is only a recommended base configuration.
Base price: $3,000 (SprezzaSuperBox), $2,500 (SprezzaBox)
A supercomputer under your desk. This machine is extremely customizable.
Base price: $5,000
A beautiful, lean machine with power to match its looks.
Perfect for gamers or anyone who wants to make an impression.
Base price: $3,000
A storage server unbeatable at its price. Up to 192TB accessible.
Base price: $12,000